Enrique Toledo is a Wanted FUGITIVE


There is a CASH REWARD for information leading to the arrest of Enrique Toledo

Enrique Toledo was arrested and charged with 1st Degree Murder in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Enrique Toledo is an accused wife murderer, a heartless coward who is charged with the brutal murder of the loving mother of his children. As the true wimp that he is, Enrique Toledo fled after being released on a low Bail Bond set by a lenient judge.

Enrique Toledo was released as a result of a first appearance judge that in this author’s opinion, treated his hearing as if it were a traffic citation instead of a cold blooded murder. It did not seem to matter that Toledo shot his wife point blank in the face two times as his daughter watched. It also was of no consequence that his other two minor daughters were barricaded in the next room and heard every single thing through the paper thin walls of the Valrico home they shared. Apparently the fact that he called 911 and calmly stated to the operator “I just killed my wife” would not be considered as a factor in denying bail. As can be heard here in a recording of the first appearance hearing obtained from the Hillsborough Clerk of Courts, these facts although included in the arrest paperwork were either glossed over or barely addressed. Unbelievably, what was alleged by the public defender and not challenged or even discussed was an element of self defense, which is in no way plausible if the judge had bothered to dedicate 30 seconds to merely skim through the charging documents.

After allegedly violating his bond conditions, Enrique Toledo promptly removed his ankle monitor and fled. Like a true coward he remains a fugitive instead of facing what he did like a man.

There is a CASH reward for information leading to the arrest of this heartless fugitive.

Do the right thing and let’s get this scumbag where he belongs, in prison for the remainder of his unnatural life.

Recording of Enrique Toledo’s first appearance hearing before The Honorable Catherine M. Catlin, Division O.
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Enrique Toledo is a wanted Fugitive from Hillsborough County, FL
He is Wanted for 1st Degree Murder.
There is a cash REWARD for information leading to the capture of this dangerous Fugitive