Photo of Enrique Toledo wanted fugitive showing his murderous stare as he is booked into the Hillsborough County Jail in Tampa, Florida

Where is Enrique Toledo ?

Booking photo on fugitive Enrique Toledo who is accused of killing his wife in a cold blooded shooting to the face.
Booking photo of Enrique Toledo

Where do you start looking for a coward Wife Killer?

First, one must take into account that in the United States, an accused person is considered innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law. Enrique Toledo was arrested and charged with 1st Degree Murder of his wife, Heather Toledo. He then fled like the true coward that he is.

According to police and court records, this spineless coward shot his loyal wife point blank in the face, not once, but twice. Enrique Toledo committed this brutal murder in the presence of his oldest daughter and while his other two minor children were in the next room. They heard everything.

Can a coward who shoots his wife twice in front of his children, calmly calls the police, confesses in the 911 call, and waits patiently to be arrested, walk out of jail as a free man? In a just society, the answer would unequivocally be no. Unfortunately, even in the jurisdiction of Governor Ron DeSantis, there still exist lenient judges who permit such an outcome. According to Hillsborough County court records, Enrique Toledo was released on a low bail bond with an ankle monitor just two days after committing this atrocious act. That this murderer fled comes as no surprise to anyone, but perhaps the trusting Judge who released him.

Taking down a major fugitive is a daunting task. The wife murderer Enrique Toledo is being tracked by several law enforcement agencies. These elite groups are tasked with bringing the most dangerous and elusive fugitives to justice. This is their special calling and they will not stop until he is arrested and placed in a jail cell where a fugitive belongs.

Since its creation, the US Marshals Service has consistently been the premier agency for capturing fugitives. For example “In 2012, U.S. marshals captured over 36,000 federal fugitives and cleared over 39,000 fugitive warrants.[21] This is an example of just one of many elite forces that know how to deal with accused cowardly wife murderers like Enrique Toledo. If you have any information on this dangerous fugitive, do the right thing and leave a tip. You can remain anonymous.

New Lead Alert

New Lead received advises that Enrique Toledo was seen exiting this gated community in a black Vehicle. Exact location is unknown at this time. We are waiting on more detailed photos from the brave citizen stepped up to do the right thing. Anyone with additional information please contact us through web or WhatsaApp button. You can remain anonymous.

Link to recent LEADS

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