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Keep your children safe. Help get this accused child MOLESTER off the streets

Jason-Alvin Hines-Wanted-Fugitive
Booking photo of Jason Alvin Hines


Accused child molesters are very cunning. They can masquerade as your best friend, while at the same time sexually assaulting your children.

Get this Fugitive

If your child becomes ill or has unexplained mood changes, please seek professional help, especially if you have been near this accused CHILD MOLESTER.

Off the Streets

If you have seen this fugitive or have any information on these cases. Do the right thing and protect future innocent victims.

Submit a Tip on Enrique Toledo or accused Child Molester Jason Alvin Hines. You can remain anonymous.

Cash Reward Details
If you wish to be contacted about the reward details, you will receive a message from “alerts” at the email provided. Your information will not be published and will remain confidential. If you leave a number or other contact method in this section it will NOT be published and will remain confidential.


Jason Alvin Hines needs to be locked up. Please help him move into his future home in Maricopa County..

– Julie D.